Key Chinese Medicine Principles To Look Out For

Key Chinese Medicine Principles To Look Out For

• Prevention is better than cure: Our body reveals several signs of our health. By introducing TCM as a part of your health care regime, you would be able to interpret the signs revealed by the body. Most of the times, we tend to ignore these signs until something more complex arises.

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By introducing Chinese medicine in your health care regime, you are sure to enjoy holistic health and well-being that too without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgery. As a resident of New York, if you are looking for practitioners offering Chinese medicine in Rochester, polkadot bar NY, make sure you engage the services of qualified, licensed and trained practitioners.

It is indeed a method of holistic healing that considers the balance of two opposing forces i.e. As compared to modern medicine, Chinese medicine takes a completely different approach of diagnosis, prescription and treatment. yin and yang as the source of life giving energy within a human body. When the harmony between the two forces is lost, a person falls sick. Chinese medicine finds its origin in Ancient China and dates back to around 5000 years.

Today, the western world especially the US is fast accepting TCM either as an alternative or complementary medical practice. Under the large umbrella of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) several therapies and practices exist including Chinese herbology, acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic care and to name a few more. TCM can be effective for wide range of diseases with multiple causes, including metabolic diseases, chronic conditions such as arthritis, genetic and age-related diseases.

• You have a strong innate healing ability: Your body is the miniature version of the larger things surrounding you. Just like nature, your body has a regenerative capacity. At times, this natural ability may either appear to be lost or difficult to access but is never completely gone.

• Our body is an integrated whole: Each and every organ or structure in your body is a necessary and integral part of the whole. Besides your mind, sentiment, and spirit, your body organs form an amazingly complex, and interconnected system that is driven by life force.

• You are an integral part of nature: Every change in nature is clearly reflected in your body. Practitioners of TCM takes into consideration particular season, environmental location, time of the day, your age, inheritance, and many other situations when looking at your health issues.